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Personal Reflection

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My mind races towards a finish line my body may never catch up to

broken, battered, scared and confused

I’ve hidden my face in shame

banished my friends from my life

I became embarrassed by my pain.

I isolated myself, put the old me on a shelf

with my back turned

and my eyes closed

I began a fantasy, like reality tv

determined..not to expose the REAL me.


Chada Boom

September 21, 2011

This poem was written during a time in my life when I had experienced part of the worst relationships ever.  What had started out as a seemingly blissful union, over time had turned into something completely opposite.  I was lost and confused during this time.  I had hidden from those who loved me.  I didn’t want to be seen as this weak woman unable to control even her home life.  All this had done, though, was cause me not to have a sounding board.  I had banished my friends from my life, so of course when I needed a shoulder to cry on, they were not there.  I was alone.  And I relied heavily on writing poetry to get me through.  If you are going through the emotions and life just isn’t being fair, and you need a listening ear..feel free to drop me an email (  I know what it’s like. 


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