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Choose Them Wisely

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Choose Them Wisely
Have you ever wondered why your situation remained the same regardless of how much you tried to change it? It could very well be the things you are speaking regarding your situation that is hindering progress or change. Proverbs 18:21 says Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. And what that means is simply, what you say has a direct relation to what happens to and for you. When you invite negative energy into your space unconsciously it can become quite difficult to realize you are the cause of it. We subconsciously sabotage our finances, our relationships, our professional careers and even our growth.

You hear it all the time.  OMG I’m so fat!  I am just as big as a house.  How helpful is that to a person’s self-esteem.  It isn’t very helpful at all.  Saying it once after eating the largest meal imaginable is one thing.  Repeating it over and over every time you walk past a mirror is definitely going to have some lasting effects.  It will eventually cause you to believe that you are fat.  You will see fat even when there is no fat. You want to know why?  Because you have fulfilled that prophecy in which you spoke.  You called into existence the very thing you didn’t want.  FAT! Or to be fat.  You have willfully chosen death over your life.  And not death in the literal sense.  Death of positive energy.  Death of positive thoughts.  And if left in this manner death of self-esteem.  Which can cause another set of issues, including isolation, depression and even..well death.

For years I used terminology that demeaned me and my existence. I was for most of my life a victim of sexual abuse. I allowed those thoughts and words to guide my life and everything in it. In fact it wasn’t just guiding my life but in a sense controlling my life. It wasn’t until I finally connected the dots of my words and thoughts with things manifesting in my life that I was able to change my lingo. I reclaimed my life when I went from victim to survivor. Just the mere thought of having survived the abuse gave me a feeling of accomplishment. So what had hindered that feeling years ago? Hadn’t I survived it, I was after all still alive. Surely I had survived it. However, in my heart I was still struggling. In my thoughts I was still struggling. Therefore my words and consequently my actions played out the scenes of my inner thoughts. I remember the first time I used survivor instead of victim. And I can remember the power I felt having said it. It was an awesome feeling. Power! That’s the same power God was speaking of in Proverbs. Our tongue is a very powerful vessel used to deliver messages that can either heal or hinder.


What are your words saying about you and your mindset?



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