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Doing The Most…for my benefit

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Today I decided that I wanted a change.  And the change I wanted had to come from me.  I decided that I could no longer blame others for the things I wanted and needed in my life.  I had to, at some point, hold myself accountable.  As much as I give to others by way of coaching and consulting services, I had begun to feel a little fraudulent.  For many on the outside looking in, my life is in order.  I pray for others and genuinely want happiness for them, I seem financially stable, my home life is full of laughter and love etc.  These are the types of things I hear from my peers and associates.  And I’m usually dumbfounded trying to figure out where they’ve formulated these opinions.

Most of what others see in me I find difficulty seeing for myself.  I’m pretty sure the reason is because acknowledging what others see means I actually have to step up to the plate.  Where I am now is NOT where I actually see myself in my head.  So today I decided to allow my fantasy me to meet my real me.  And the only way to make them both not seem crazy is to align them together as one.

Today I am taking the lead in my life.  I am beginning a life overhaul and I figure hey it’s the 1st..and I might as well pull off an entire month of this new attitude (pray for me people).  I’m planning on getting a grip on my finances, a new exercise regime, and even gonna try  kicking my beauty routine into high gear.  More importantly than any of that is my desire to fast this month.  When I fast, I often do so with a specific goal in mind.  I’m usually seeking spiritual clarity.  Sometimes I’m trying to fit into a too small sized outfit by the weekend LOL.  This time, however, will be a combination of things.  I’m almost always seeking spiritual guidance and I believe that fasting and prayer is a key way to get there.  Additionally, I’m gonna fast to kick start my weight loss goals.  By removing the toxins from my body both physically (by eliminating food) and spiritually (by praying) I’m hoping to align my spirit with my destiny and purpose.

My goal is to clear the junk so that I can be of better service in my purpose and mission of helping others.  I encourage you all to take some time this month to reflect, connect and inspire.  Reach for your goals..but don’t forget to look back And help another.


Love Ya



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